Operations and Strategy

Business Plans and Market Research

Business plans are the most vital aspect of starting a new venture. Writing out your plan allows you to structure your objectives, costs and scalability of your project. Our team will assist you in marking out your business goals and the most effective way of achieving them. Business plans also require market research, which is a service we provide as part of business plan writing, or a standalone service.

Business Process Review

This includes an in-depth review of your current processes in relation to your business goals. We will identify areas of operational inefficiency, gaps in communication and potential reasons for the inability to hit individual targets. The results of the Business Process review are detailed in a report, in which we recommend solutions that maximize the capabilities of your staff and overall business. Your company may engage us to either deliver the standalone report or to assist with implementation of the recommendations.


Financial Modelling

Having worked on various DCF (discounted cash flow) and M&A (mergers and acquisitions) models, our team is well equipped to build financial models that will give an accurate forecast of the financial performance of a business or asset.

CRM’s and Websites

CRM’s are designed to improve efficiency by digitizing your manual processes into a cloud based software. Our CRM’s are proven to reduce costs of operation, improve speed of processes and increase staff accountability.



Customer Service

Customer expectations, experiences, and relationships are changing dramatically for companies in almost every industry. Customers are the source of real growth. But what do they really care about? How do you reach them? We combine in-depth insight in customer behaviour with practical expertise in operations to help you build a customer focused and growth-oriented organization.

Sales Techniques

Sales is an essential skill set that is applicable in any position or industry. Sales solutions are designed to enable your client-facing, revenue-generating employees to have more relevant and effective conversations with customers and buyers. Our 5-day course focuses on understanding your client and product, thereby maximizing your sales potential.


HR Appraisal and Implementation

Our performance appraisal training program focuses on a combination of employee self-assessment and project specific evaluations. The 3 day session ensures that your staff and management team are fully trained in appraisal techniques to ensure both parties understand and assess important aspects of their role including; job knowledge, initiative and future ambition.

Change Management

Without effective change management, organizational transitions are likely to lead to unsuccessful results largely due to lack of employee understanding or engagement. As such, we employ a structured approach which combines employee education and implementation support to ensure that changes are implemented smoothly and successfully.